Ledger Live Desktop via Ledger.com/start

Companion App Integration: Ledger devices are often complemented by a user-friendly companion app, offering a seamless interface for managing assets, viewing balances, and initiating transactions.

  1. Initial Setup: Users visiting Ledger.com/start are typically guided through the initial setup process, which involves creating an account, setting up their hardware wallet, and generating backup phrases essential for asset recovery.

  2. Securing Assets: Ledger.com/start educates users on best practices for securing their cryptocurrencies, emphasizing the importance of backup phrases and securely storing device recovery information.

  3. Asset Management: Users are introduced to the features and functionalities of Ledger's hardware wallets, including managing assets, conducting transactions, and exploring additional security options.

Security Measures and Support

  1. Educational Resources: Ledger provides comprehensive guides and educational materials to empower users with knowledge about security best practices and safe usage of their hardware wallets.

  2. Customer Support: The platform offers customer support through FAQs, documentation, and direct contact options to address any user inquiries or issues promptly.


Ledger.com/start serves as an essential entry point for users embarking on their cryptocurrency security journey with Ledger's hardware wallets. It provides a comprehensive overview of the setup process, security features, and functionalities offered by Ledger devices, emphasizing the importance of secur

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